29 Inch Sound Bar, 40W 80 dB Stereo Surround Sound System

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  • 🎶 Stereo surround sound: The slim design combines 4 built-in full range powerful speakers and 2 bass reflex tubes, which not only brings 80 dB of expansive audio and crystal clear sound into the room, but also brings dynamic bass. Bass-Up technology for breathtaking sound from your home theater system brings the magic of a movie night to life in your living room.
  • 🎶 Enhanced DSP Technology: The advanced technology optimizes the sound and provides amazing clarity and precision. Three distinct equalizer modes (news, music and movie) offer a scene-related sound spectrum. With the simple operation via sound bar buttons or remote control, you can switch to your favorite mode.
  • 🎶 Flexible input and extensive compatibility: Wireless connection via Bluetooth, wired connection via Aux and optical or coaxial cable. The 29 inch sound bar can be integrated as an accessory for all TV sizes. You can place the soundbar directly under the TV or mount it on the wall to avoid clutter and save space. Fits most sizes of TV and turns your house into a home theater.
  • 🎶 40 W room-filling cinema sound: SAKOBS Soundbar Equipped with professional and powerful audio components, wide sound frequencies sound and the high and low tones are complete. The lowest frequency can be up to 65 Hz and the sound distortion rate is less than 0.3%, which also ensures good bass performance and perfectly reproduces the original sound of the film music. Experience first-class sound for your home theater.
  • 🎶 Innovative design: One-piece TV soundbar system with piano lacquer look. No screw is visible on the surface of the sound bar. The exclusive design, directed 15 degrees upwards, adapts and optimizes the sound. SAKOBS offers comprehensive technical support and a 2 year guarantee for this sound bar.

29" soundbar

Tired of lousy audio ruining your movies and games?

Audio is a key part of entertainment, whether you’re watching a movie or enjoying afternoon tea against the backdrop of your favorite concerto. Music is the thread that ties everything together, and consequently, unravels it: there’s nothing more disruptive than stuttering dialogue or flat music.

TVs are built with their own sound systems, but even the most high-end, 8k resolution units rarely come with the power to match sound to picture. To truly take your listening and audio experience to the next level, you’ll need a boost from speakers built around quality sound.

Fantastic sound

The 4 symmetrical loudspeakers in combination with the DSP technology provide a gorgeous, room-filling 80dB sound! The sound system offers an audio experience that cannot be provided by your TV alone. With this soundbar every word is played clearly and distinctly.

High quality

The one-piece soundbar is made of high-quality materials. With its piano lacquer look and elegant surface structure, it is the ideal accessory for your home or apartment.

Innovative design

  • No screw is visible on the surface of the soundbar
  • Prepared mounting holes for easy attachment
  • The wall bracket provides a distance of 3 mm between the soundbar and the wall for the cable entry

stream sound

surrounding sound

stunning soundcrisp sound soundbar

29 Inch Sound Bar, 40W 80 dB Stereo Surround Sound System