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As a treasure enthusiast, this metal detector is my trusted companion. Every time I use it, I discover precious artifacts and metal crafts. Thank you so much for this amazing product!

David Thompson

Main Street, New York


This is my first time buying a metal detector, and choosing SAKOBS didn't disappoint. I'm impressed with its accuracy and stability. Now I can enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting!

Sarah Davis

Elm Avenue, Chicago


Buying this metal detector was one of the best decisions I've made. It has high sensitivity and can detect even the smallest metal items. The quality is also very reliable, and it's convenient to use.

Emily Johnson

Oak Drive, Houston


Considering the price, this metal detector performs quite well. It can detect various metal items and provides accurate location information. It is relatively easy to use, and suitable for beginners like me. The only area for improvement might be its weight, as it can feel a bit heavy and cause fatigue with prolonged use.

Michael Brown

Pine Court, Miami


This metal detector has been a game-changer for me! I live in an area rich in historical artifacts, and this device has helped me uncover some amazing finds. Its adjustable sensitivity and discrimination settings allow me to focus on specific metals and avoid unnecessary digging. The built-in pinpoint mode helps me precisely locate buried items, saving me time and effort.

Jessica Anderson

Maple Lane, Seattle

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