The Functions and Benefits of Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Congratulations on your investment in a high-quality metal detector, as you embark on a thrilling treasure-hunting journey. However, the process of locating and retrieving the target from the ground can often be challenging and time-consuming. This is where a pinpointer metal detector comes into play. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of pinpointer metal detectors, discussing their purpose, usage, and the significance of investing in a reliable device.

What is a Pinpointer Metal Detector?

A pinpointer metal detector is a handheld device specifically designed to narrow down the detection field and precisely locate the target within a hole or excavation site. Unlike full-sized metal detectors, which are versatile and capable of detecting objects at various depths and discriminating between different metals, pinpointer detectors serve a singular purpose. Equipped with a small or narrow search coil, they excel at identifying the center of the target and are not intended for depth detection or discrimination.

Using a Pinpointer Metal Detector

Using a pinpointer metal detector is a straightforward and efficient process. To help you get started, here are some quick-start steps:

1、Power on the device.
2、Cut a plug of grass or soil from the excavation site and scan the sides, center, and bottom of the hole with the pinpointer.
3、Once you detect a signal, crisscross the device across the target to precisely locate its center.

Pro Tip! If you're having trouble locating the target, make sure to check the excavated plug itself, as the object may still be attached to it.

The Role of a Pinpointer  VS. a Full-sized Metal Detector

While a pinpointer metal detector is a valuable tool for locating the exact position of a target, it should not be considered a standalone device for detecting metals. A full-sized metal detector is better suited for initially locating the general area where the target is buried, as it can detect objects from the surface down to considerable depths, often reaching one foot or more. Once the approximate location is determined, the pinpointer can then be used to isolate and precisely pinpoint the target's center, facilitating more accurate excavation.

Importance of Quality Pinpointers

Investing in a high-quality pinpointer metal detector is crucial to ensure years of trouble-free service and reliable performance. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, our research and testing have revealed that these devices often contain inferior components. Many of the inexpensive pinpointer models produced in the Orient tend to fail with minimal use. Among the more affordable options available, the SAKOBS pinpointer stands out as a reliable and well-constructed device.


In conclusion, a pinpointer metal detector is a valuable companion to your full-sized metal detector, helping you accurately locate and retrieve your targets with speed and precision. By understanding its purpose, following proper usage techniques, and investing in a high-quality device, you can enhance your treasure-hunting experience and increase your chances of unearthing valuable finds. Remember, while a pinpointer aids in pinpointing the target, it should be complemented by a full-sized metal detector for comprehensive detection.

Happy Hunting!